We've added something new to our fleece line - Muscle. You have to see it flex to believe it. FLEXFLEECE is extraordinarily soft, light, and flexible making it feel like a second skin. It's been engineered with a four-way stretch, across the width of the fabric, and diagonally. It drys quickly, and doesn't feel uncomfortable even when it gets wet. It has a great warmth to weight ratio. As part of the FLEXFLEECE line, we're offering a MICRO FLEXFLEECE which provides the thermal cushioning of POL-ARTIC Fleece Velour.

The entire program offers you a streamlined fit for extra aerodynamic advantages. Useful in applications ranging from Skiing to Rollerblading, FLEXFLEECE makes it easy to add some muscular advantage to almost any activity you choose.

Click on a picture to download our FLEXFLEECE focus page (each file is a ~200K Jpg image)

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