The spirit of adventure is personified by bold individuals in need of quality, durable, versatile products in which to carry out their own adventures. These are the driving forces behind Banff Designs. But spirit alone is not enough. To succeed in our world, you've got to have focus.

We've turned spirit and adventure into undisputed quality. It's led to the creation of winning combinations, which include the best price/quality ratio, with the best sell-through in the business. This past Christmas, our head office was inundated with calls. People wanted more! By December 26, there was hardly a Banff garment left to be found in any store, despite the fact that we shipped record quantities for that season. It was clear evidence proving the validity of our focus, which is providing the best quality products, with the best fabrications, at the best price we can offer.

This season, we'd like you to share and understand our focus. In order to attain that goal, we've done things a Iittle difflerently. Instead of producing a new workbook, we wanted to focus in on our very best assortments, to represent our newest, most exciting designs, at the very best price. So we've put together the "Focus Binder". We've made it very flexible. You can add or remove sheets as you please. As well, the sheets can also be used in stores as POP displays in signholders.

For your added convenience we have translated our focus pages for display on the Internet. We have also included a copy of each focus page available for downloading off of the Internet so you will always have instant access to our most recent artwork and information. Now that's focus!

Our focus also extends to our commitment in areas including customer service and quality control. Every effort is taken to ensure that our customers are happy. We are constantly reviewing our operations and policies in order to improve them.

The Rocky Mountain town that Banff is named for is not a world renowned destination simply because of it's beauty. It is the spirit of adventure and the love of the outdoors that compel people to return to Banff again and again. This mirrors our commitment to the people who use Banff products, and our commitment to you.

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