GRANITE Lite Series

The new wave in fleece has arrived - GRANITE. We're offering it in a "Lite" microfiber, in a rugged range of colours inspired by Canadian nature.

GRANITE microfiber offers a great warmth to weight ratio, and drys in no time. Both sides of the fleece have a soft, smooth finish and are treated against piling. For the ultimate in wind protection and water repellancy, we've combined the GRANITE Lite with Swiss microfiber to create the GRANITE Shield Jacket and Vest. The GRANITE Koala, GRANITE Vest, GRANITE Shield Jacket, and GRANITE Shield Vest will zip into your BANFF "IS" (Interactive System) Jacket.

The GRANITE pieces provide a protecting shield as they are extremely windproof, water resistant and breathable. Both the GRANITE Shield Jacket and GRANITE Shield Vest are reversable.

The pants are reinforced with Microfiber patches and have a drawcord with the BANFF ring pull for snug fitting cuffs.

Available in:
Plum, Indigo, Cranberry, Dusty Bluegrass, Forest, Navy.

Granite Kangaroo : #93210D0
Granite Shield Snap T : #43860D0
Granite Koala : #43910D0
Granite Vest :#42890D0
Granite Shield Jacket : #439965D
Granite Shield Vest : #428965D
Granite Shield Patch Pant : #60390D0

Click on picture to download our GRANITE Lite focus page (each file is a 200K Jpg image)

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